The construction company «Okha» was founded on Sakhalin Island in a place where in the early 20th century the first industrial oil was produced.
The involvement in offshore projects has become a leading activity, as well as construction and installation works and rendering services in area of NDT for weld joints at pipeline and steel structures within the whole oil and gas sector over the Sakhalin region.
Today, Okha has significantly expanded the spectrum of its possibilities and services by using advanced methods and technologies in organizing construction operations.

The company’s internal policy has been developed and implemented in the following areas:


A wide range of authorizations, certificates and licenses:

• Guarantees safety of services to be rendered
• Confirms the high professional level of specialists, including unique types of work

The Partnership in the form of joint venture with International Corporations “SNC-Lavaline” and «SMNM-VECO»

Perfect location in the north of the island:

• Close proximity to projects sites
• Effective logistics
• Employment of local specialists



Our authorizations that affect the safety of capital construction projects:

• Preparatory works and excavation
• Inserting piles and soil stabilization
• Сoncrete and reinforced concrete monolithic structures erection
• Installation of metal structures, prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete structures, electric grids and communication lines
• Protection of structural units, pipelines and equipment
• Installation and commissioning works
• Roadways and airfields establishment
• Installation of internal and external utility networks (water pipes, sewers, water supply, heating supply).
• Management during construction, reconstruction and major repairs
• Placement, operation, maintenance and storage of ionizing radiation sources
• Operation of safety equipment protecting from ionizing radiation sources

To provide constant monitoring of the work
and safety at every stage the company:

Has developed the policy

of quality, labor safety, anti-alcohol and anti-drugs campaigns

Has organized

systematic verifications of knowledge and professional education for technicians, engineers and working staff

Implements permanent monitoring

of the working and safety conditions, industrial and environmental safety

Has implemented the systems

for managing occupational safety and ensuring mitigation of risk factors