Types (methods) of non-destructive testing

In its own certified laboratory of non-destructive control, work a staff of professional defectoscopists who perform works with classical methods of control and progressive methods, for example, with the DURR CR35 scanner the profile gauge and digital radiography are being performed.

Each method of control is confirmed by the developed procedure in which the requirements of foreign and domestic standards are taken into account.

Methods of non-destructive testing:

Testing methodNote
1Visual and measuring-
2RadiationTraditional method using gamma-flaw detector
3Digital radiographyDURR CR35
4Pipe wall thickness inspectionDURR CR35
6Time of Flight DiffractionToFD
8Leak Detection-
9Vibration Diagnostic-
10Eddy Current method-
12Acoustic Emission-
14Positive Material Identification (PMI) testing of a metal or alloy-
15Control of Ferrite Phase-
16Mechanical Testing of Materials-

It is also possible to perform non-destructive and destructive control services, including analysis of the causes of destruction, formation of cracks, deformations and other factors

17FAILURE ANALYSIS AND PRODUCT DEFECT INVESTIGATIONComplex cause and failure analysis using wide range of techniquesand methodsMacro- and micro-fractography