Control and security

Control and construction of multilevel system of security of capital construction objects. Even for oil and gas installations.

Construction services of the company are not limited to installation works for the construction of buildings, structures, sites, other objects: today commissioning is possible with installation of fire extinguishing systems, warning and access control, as well as their maintenance.
Oil and gas industry facilities are of special importance and dangerous production facilities. Therefore, we are ready to develop a security system to ensure timely notification of emergencies. Works on the basis of the license of the Ministry of Emergency situations of the Russian Federation No. 65-B / 00117


construction control at the objects of capital construction and repair works
The safety of the objects, structures and structures being erected is laid down in the design documentation, so we carry out the maintenance of the construction with control at all stages of the work. This allows you to achieve the perfect quality and accuracy of the project implementation.
installation of fire-fighting elements of filling apertures
For installation of fire barriers we take into account the type of filling, the limit of fire resistance and the type-lock-tambour. Fire-fighting windows, doors and walls in normal conditions act as standard structures, and if necessary protect from the spread of fire, seal the premises.
Flameproof construction systems
For the complex protection of the object, fire protection is used not only on main and pipeline lines, but also for individual structures as a whole. For this purpose, an automatic fire alarm with instant notification of abnormal situations is mounted, special chemistry and composite materials are used for the protection of metal structures, a special fire-resistant shell and liquid fire-fighting compositions for cable and pipeline lines

Complex work on the organization of security of objects – your guarantee in a successful production cycle. Trust the professionals.