Welding production

Our welding professionals are certified in the NAKS system

Welding production is aimed at working with the most important and important objects. The company's equipment and capabilities have been tested and confirmed that it is possible to work with groups of technical devices at hazardous production facilities. Masters also regularly confirm their qualifications in NAKS.

Our welding professionals are certified for the following groups of hazardous production facilities:

Oil and gas production equipment-NGDO
We work with shut-off valves and pipeline parts, field pipelines, main gas pipelines, tanks for petroleum products, non-standard designs of the oil and gas industry, etc.
Строительные конструкции - СК
Имеем допуск для сварки металлоконструкций, запорных и арматурных изделий, трубопроводных трасс из полимерных материалов и металла.

They are certified for working with equipment for the specified categories of industry - both under vacuum and under pressure above 16 MPa, and the welding production is designed for working with isothermal tanks, centrifuges, energy-technology boilers, cryogenic equipment, etc.

NaX certification confirms:

  • qualification of welding production specialists,
  • special training of specialists,
  • quality of used welding materials and welding equipment,
  • efficiency of applied welding technologies.